Best branding lessons from starwars

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It would be a colossal understatement to say that the iconic movie Star Wars is more than Just a Movie. Over the decades, it has acquired a cult status few in the movie world have enjoyed, and quite clearly it has transcended its industry to become a sort of cultural touch point for people all over the world.
How did it happen? More importantly, how can you do this for your brand? Here are the lessons to apply to your product or service to make it a branding success:

1. Reward your fans: As branding legend Walter Landor once said, “Products are made in the factory, but brands are created in the mind.” Star Wars has built for itself a tribe of loyal, solid fans who eagerly lap up anything related to the franchise. Therefore, as a brand, you need to identify your most loyal customers and turn them into your Jedi by rewarding them with exclusive content and anything they can use to make your brand go viral. Then, watch the magic unfold as they become the un-recruited brand ambassadors of your brand and help you garner more and more customers and followers.

2. Less is More: What worked as a strength for Star Wars was the super secretiveness maintained around the plot and characters of its movies. The strategy was to reveal a little snippet in the trailers whichended up generating hundreds of millions of views and hours of speculations from the viewers. Creating hype for your product in this manner or wowing customers with design and packaging that doesn’t give it all away is a great way to fuel speculation and generate interest.

3. Create strong bonds: Here’s a fun fact – most of the Star Wars fans are those who were born way after the first movie was out, which means that the love they feel for Star Wars is because they grew up with the series being a part of their cultural set-up! For them, it is the warm, fuzzy childhood memory that will never cease to be a favorite. The word we’re looking for is bonding. Apply the same logic to your brand – find a way to connect it to the days gone by and ignite an emotional spark there.

4. Build your brand on strong characters: Why? Archetypal characters are what people relate to and understands. From the Heroism of Luke to the eternal wisdom or evil of Lord Vader, building your brand on identifiable archetypes that define its values and at the same time establish a connection with its consumers.

As you have seen, creating a new brand or repositioning an existing one is all about what strikes a tune with your consumers. So, wait no further and take your brand to the next level? Just remember to Let the Force Be With You!


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