5 clever packaging ideas to inspire you

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What is packaging? One may say it’s just what you pack your product in, but we doubt anyone says that anymore! Packaging is so much more – it is the first touch point, the first impression one has of a brand and more often than not, a decisive factor contributing to the consumer’s decision to purchase (or not) a product. With so many product variants and brands, there is a greater need than ever to have a stand-out packaging that not only creates positive customer experience but differentiates your brand from the rest. We bring you 5 examples to inspire you to develop clever packaging designs:

  1. Keep it simple: It is almost impossible to draw this list without mentioning Apple – a classic example of minimalistic product packaging. Apple products are high end; they are all about quality. Just like the products themselves, the packaging too is fuss-free and uncomplicated – a single colored box with the product name, logo, a beauty shot and some information, that’s about it. With its smart use of bare minimum elements and ease of use intact, Apple’s product packaging ties in with its messaging seamlessly. Like someone famous once said, “Less is More”.
  2. Packaging Re-imagined: Unlike most regular shoe brands, Nike decided to go the road less traveled when it came to its product, the Air Nike. It packaged its shoes in an airbag, cleverly highlighting the air cushioning feature of the Air Nike. Not only is it unusual and eye catchy packaging, it also has utility extending beyond its visual appeal – the airbag ensures there’s no damage during shipping. How cool is that!
  3. Create an icon: When doing a roundup of brands with iconic packaging, another names that pops up is Coca-Cola. The distinctive bottle design is something that has stayed with the brand for over 100 years now, with only minor tweaks made along the way. Perhaps the most significant testimony to its strong design recall is that as soon as you pick up the curvy bottle, you know exactly what it is, even without a label!
  4. Make it reusable: talk about being environmentally conscious! When it comes to smart packaging, Puma may have taken the cake with its ‘Clever Little Bag’. What initially looks like a simple shoe box, promptly transforms into a reusable tote bag once you remove the shoes from it. What’s more, this shoebox cum tote bag made of recycled plastic, reduces the amount of cardboard required for Puma packaging. The cherry on top? Its lightweight packaging reduces the use fuel emissions during shipping. Talk about benefits!
  5. High on Style Quotient: When fashion designer Christian Louboutin came out with his own range of nail polish, the bottle design had the same signature spike as its iconic heel! In Louboutin’s own words, his brand focuses not so much on comfort as much as on offering something sexy and it seems the same principle was applied to create nail polish packaging as well – practical or not, the bottle is sexy, edgy and directly inspired from the heel of its iconic shoe!

And what about you? Is there any packaging you would die to work / design / produce it? If so, please don’t be shy and share it with us on this weird place called “Comment box” 😉



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